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Monday, August 20, 2018

A First

I experienced the first person to say that they DID NOT want a quilty hug quilt.  What?  I didn't see that one coming.  Well I recovered and gave my quilty hug quilts to patients who DID want them.

Here are the ones that left the nest.

K your quilt went to a tall man who was in check with getting a quilt with pink and purple.


  1. DID NOT want a quilt hug quilt?!?!? I didn't see that coming either!! That's OK - their loss - I agree it's better to give them to patients who DO want them. And I'm glad you found a tall man who isn't afraid of a little pink and purple - along with a bunch of blue, green, brown, and orange - LOL - ;))

  2. I'm surprised also, but would rather be told no from the start than find out later they'd disposed of it in some way. There are plenty of others out there and this just stretches your talent!

  3. Sad that they didn't want it, but there are many possible reasons.
    a. I remember (growing up) that my Dad would not take anything that might be construed as "charity." He was the provider and felt it was his job to provide. They may have the same reasoning.
    b. Some people don't want to feel "beholden" to anyone else. Taking the quilty hug would have made them feel like they "owed you."
    c. A quilt might bring back some memory that "hurts."
    I am sure there are plenty of other reasons. Maybe that person was just and old grump, but we never know what someone's story is unless they share it with us.
    Just keep doing good for people who will let you do it.

  4. Don't let it get you down. Your quilt hugs mean a world of encouragement to those who accept them.

  5. Yes, it takes all kinds. I have had someone refuse a guilt. Maybe they thought they were not THAT sick and someone else deserves it more.

  6. I make lap quilts for sick people of which my sister in law is one but she told my husband, her brother. that she hated quilts

  7. Interesting that some people are so opposed to quilts. Could be deflating to be told that, but I am glad you found another willing recipient.

  8. I love your scrappy quilts. Good thing that person told you no thanks, so it could go to someone who would love it. That last one is especially a beauty!


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