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Monday, August 6, 2018

Joy, Joy, Joy

Three quilts were given this morning to chemo patients.  Each person receiving one, was touched.

On the way into the hospital I was approached by a young woman who thought I had given her Dad a quilt.  She described a bright blue and green quilt.  Of course I knew exactly which quilt it was.  She thanked me and let me know just how much it was appreciated.


  1. Blessings we give to others many times blesses us more. I am sure your quilts bring much comfort.

  2. Oh, Frog Quilter - you just made me cry - that man has a very sweet daughter - to thank you and to let you know just how much that quilt is appreciated. "Quilty Hugs" go both ways - ;))

  3. I'll bet that is a special thing when someone seeks you out to thank you for what you did for their loved one.

  4. Sweet! Goodness is its own reward, but a thank you is icing on that cake.


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