Sunday, August 2, 2015

Slow Sunday

This morning I sewed a large, really large backing for my double four patch top.  After struggling to get this finished I proceeded to load on my long arm.  Low and behold it's too big!!!  I'll have to beg on of my friends to use their long arm.  They have larger tables.

I slow stitched a few applique blocks and then later sewed some neutral strings.  Nine and it didn't tame the small bag I was trying to use up.

Here are the Dear Jane blocks.

And the nine string blocks.

Frog Quilter

Friday, July 31, 2015

It's a wonderful flimsy!

After ripping off the outer borders because the width was all wrong, I have re-cut and re-sewn them on.  Can you tell that I am pleased?

This will have lots of overhang on the bed.

Happy Stitching

Frog Quilter

Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Double Four Patch

This is a top I have been working on for a couple months.  I wanted a light summery quilt.  

I'm pleased with it.  I think I will put a 2 inch dark border and then a 6 inch border of the white I have used in the quilt top.

Happy Birthday to me and a significant one at that.  Yikes how did I get this old?

Frog Quilter

Friday, July 24, 2015

My Round Robin

Isn't it gorgeous?

From last weekend

Well I never got around to posting these so here they are.  The first was a QOV quilted so all could be turned in (five of them).
And the back which has fabric from two different dye lots.
So I've turned them in and I have 5 more.
Next up.... I participate in a round robin once or twice a year.  It's always good!  You can see the total reveal at 
the Cotton Robin  We stretch our limits and learn lots of new techniques. Here is my finished quilt. It is amazing! Well blogger is being a pain so I will send it in another post. Frog Quilter

Friday, July 17, 2015

Fabulous Friday

A QOV that was on the frame for a few days.  I love playing with different designs.   I figured out how to hold a straight line ruler when doing angle lines.  And the circle feathers...well they are my favorite.  I could do them in my sleep.

The back photo taken inside as the outside one didn't show any details.

Some red string blocks.

My latest Dear Jane blocks.

I quilted another QOV today so that I could turn in all 4 of them.  I will show that one tomorrow.  You know I will bring home at least 4 more QOV tops to quilt.  Play time is so much fun!

Keep Stitching,

Frog Quilter

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Love Quilt and Feathers

This is the love quilt quilted yesterday.  I feathered it.

Lots of yummy texture.

There will be lots more sewing today.

Frog Quilter